Hello! If you've been to the cave already, you have definitely met me! I am the owner and creative mind behind The Copper Cave. The Copper Cave is a privately owned small business. We are not a franchise, not part of a chain, or affiliated with any other salt caves in the area. I am from Plaistow and saw the need for this healing space in my own community. I have lots of people ask how this business came about, so here is a little about me. I spent close to 30 years working in the legal field as a legal assistant. In 2020 I became certified as a Reiki practitioner. By 2021 I was certified as a Reiki Master Teacher. Once I reached this level, I couldn't help but feel that I wanted to live my life with more purpose, help more people, and work amongst my community. I also own Rustic Lane Soap and Candle Company. I have always been driven to encourage people to engage in self-care. I loved participating in craft fairs with my soap business and helping people find things that made them happy or made them feel good. I discovered the beauty of salt rooms and caves and the magic of salt therapy a few years ago. Realizing the combination of the mind/body/spirit experience was my ah-ha moment! I look forward to meeting you and hosting you in our beautiful cave! ~Deb
About The Copper Cave
The Cave

  • What can I expect in the Cave?
    Expect to feel completely relaxed. You will settle into a zero gravity chair, or feel free to lie on the salt floor and find a comfortable spot. There will be relaxing music. You can meditate, sleep, or just sit quietly during your 45 minute session.
  • Cave Etiquette
    Community Sessions are meant to be a quiet experience. To keep the tranquil atmosphere, please refrain from talking, silence cell phones, and be respectful of others in your session.
  • What should I wear?
    We recommend comfortable, warm clothing. The temperature in the cave is about 65-68 degrees, so you may feel chilly after sitting idle. Bring a sweater or use one of our blankets. We request you wear white (or light colored) socks to preserve the salt floor. No shoes are allowed in the cave. You may enter barefoot, but please note our floor is made of course salt rocks. Please refrain from using perfumes or strong scents when visiting.
  • What is the temperature of the cave?
    Between 65 - 68F. We do provide blankets so you are warm and cozy. This temperature maximizes the effects of halotherapy.
  • Can I take food or drinks in the cave?
    No. This is not permitted but after your session we do have water or tea available.
  • What does a community session mean?
    The cave sits 6 people comfortably with plenty of space between chairs. You may be sharing a session with other people, unless you or your party books the whole cave. Private sessions are available. Please call for information.
  • Are Children Allowed?
    Are children allowed? Children over 12 are welcome during regular business hours accompanied by a parent or guardian if they are able to sit quietly for the 45-minute session. For younger children, please contact us and we will accommodate you and your child(ren). Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Can I come if I am not feeling well?
    If you are feeling unwell, please wait until you are symptom free/fever free before coming for a session. The best time for salt therapy is BEFORE a virus gets hold of you!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    HALOTHERAPY SESSIONS: You may reschedule your session up to 24 hours in advance. No refunds will be issued for any cancellation or missed appointments.

    CAVE MASSAGE: You may reschedule your massage up to 24 hours in advance. No refunds will be issued for any cancellation or missed appointments. Missed appointments booked with a gift card will render the gift card redeemed. *Massages in the cave take considerable setup, scheduling, and staffing. Thank you for respecting our policy.*

    EVENTS: Prepayment is required for events. No refunds will be given for cancellation and we are unable to reschedule an event reservation.

Come to the salt cave for respiratory or skin therapy, a peaceful respite, or just for fun.

The looks of amazement when people first see the cave in person. Followed by the look of peace, relaxation, and Zen on their faces when they leave is the most beautiful thing!

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10 AM–5 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM–5 PM
Thursday: 10 AM–8 PM
Friday: 10 AM–5 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–5 PM
Sunday: 11 AM–2 PM

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